Responses to Globalization in Latin America:
Employment, Entrepreneurship and Development

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February 12-13, 2009
Student Union Building
The University of New Mexico

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Globalization is bringing about profound economic and social changes--in the organization of work and the labor process, in the structure of labor markets and employment opportunities, and in the conditions that necessitate, facilitate, or hamper entrepreneurship. These changes have had particularly pronounced impacts on Latin American countries, which began opening their economies just as these global trends began to accelerate. The result is a complex interplay of responses on the part of communities, organizations, and individuals in Latin America, as well as the emergence of new institutions to promote economic security and sustainable development. Within this context, the conditions that facilitate entrepreneurship, employment generation, and development take on added importance.

The Anderson School of Management and Latin American and Iberian Institute at the University of New Mexico invite you to join us for a discipline-spanning dialogue about economic agency in Latin America in the face of globalization. The conference is being funded in part through a Title VI-B Business and International Education grant from the US Department of Education.

Conference Schedule

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Conference Agenda (PDF/Acrobat)

Presenter Abstracts

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Jesús Arroyo Alejandre & Isabel Corvera Valenzuela - Impact of remittances and immigration on entrepreneurship in 10 cities of Mexico (Abstract forthcoming)

Sam Cohn - "Rethinking the Role of the State in Economic Development: How Brazil Learned & How to Enhance its Multiplier Effect"

Abby Diaz & Stephanie Knight - "Microfinance Institutions in Mexico: Is Poverty Eradication an Appropriate Goal?"

Clemente Ruiz Durán - "New labor arrangements in Mexico in the 21st Century"

Raul Gouvea and Sul Kassicieh - "Sowing Strategic Alliances in the Americas: The Sinicization of Latin American Economies"

Shaun Haines & Matías Fontenla - "Gender and Group Influence on Microfinance Repayment Rates: Evidence from a Grameen Replica in Argentina"

Jennifer Jackson - "The Pottery of San Juan de Oriente: A Pre-Historic Craft Finds New Markets"

Fernando Lefort - "Internationalization Strategy of Chilean Business Groups"

Gerry A. McDermott - "Public-Private Institutions as Instigators of Recombination and Upgrading in Emerging Market Societies"

Shannon Mudd, Robert Grosse, & Cecilio Garcia Cerchiari - "Internationalization Strategies of Firms from a Small Emerging Market: The Case of Uruguayan Manufacturing Companies"

Pia Orrenius, Madeline Zavodny, Jesus Cañas, & Roberto Coronado - "Do Remittances Boost Economic Development? Evidence from Mexican States"

Luis Perez-Batres & Van Miller - "Sustainability and Accountability: An Empirical Study of the United Nations Global Compact"

Nathalie Desplas Puel - "Tourism as a Motor for Local Development"

John Sargent & Linda Matthews - "Experiments in Fostering the Creation of Knowledge Based Businesses in Latin America: The Monterrey International City of Knowledge Initiative"

Len J. Trevino, Douglas E. Thomas, & John Cullen - "The Three Pillars of Institutional Theory and Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America"

Carolina Villegas-Sanchez - "FDI Spillovers and the Role of Local Financial Markets: Evidence from Mexico"